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Forward PlayGround (FPG) is a brand dedicated to broadcasting House DJ sets and articles with beneficial information on the perception of music and it's science. The house sets include a variation of funky, jazzy, deep, soulful house and nu-disco. Meanwhile, articles question the deeper levels of understanding the music.

The ability of species to generate and respond to music is one of the great unexplained mysteries of nature. Apparently, appreciation of music is built into the genetic foundation of all higher life-forms. In humans, perfect pitch seems to be encoded somewhere within the strands of DNA. If the fittest do need to survive, then how does the ability to sing in key or keep time to rhythm complement or enhance that survival?

We encourage you to kick back with your chosen indulgence and enjoy the mix tapes and articles.

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Venus is a nice treat for the new skin of Forward PlayGround. A smooth Swing set with some old school, jazzy, funky stuff. Another combination of all time hits. I hope you enjoy listening to it and bring back your valuable feedbacks.
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The Eos HD is a 2 way time coherent* monitor which employs a 1st order crossover design. This is achieved when the tweeter and mid range speaker driver move in unison or synchronously. Being made of a composite marble material helps dampen cabinet resonances while also allowing the designer to shape the cabinet in more acoustical appropriate ways...
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