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Venus is a nice treat for the new skin of Forward PlayGround. A smooth Swing set with some old school, jazzy, funky stuff. Another combination of all time hits. I hope you enjoy listening to it and bring back your valuable feedbacks.
Colourful combination of nu-disco and soulful house. For easing of the soul and getting away from it all. The mix supports the assertion of personal uniqueness and big ideas. Also suitable to get away into the nature and to be around beauty...
This set is completed in a different manner then the previous sets. It's a fluent mix of different styles so that you don’t get caught up in a single mode. That’s why I put some deep, jazzy, funky, disco tunes together with each peace 3 minutes approx
Caution: Beware of "Un-break my deck"! It is mesmerizing, provocative, seductive, and uncontrollably danceable. In fact you will not be able to stand still when listening to Un-break my deck. Shamelessly put together by Tufan with a complete lack of mercy. Your limbs will disobey you. If you know what I mean.
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Using Binaural Beats for Relaxation & Meditation
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Binaural Beats are becoming one of the most popular tools for personal and spiritual development, reaching altered states of consciousness, and having experiences that are out of this world. With these new tools that are easily accessible to everyone, it has never been easier to simplify your life and experience things that were once thought impossible. Discover binaural beats today and begin an exhilarating journey that will change your life forever.


So what exactly are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are scientifically proven audios designed to entrain your brainwaves to reach the most powerful frequencies of the human mind. Read More...

How do binaural beats work?

 Binaural beats work by playing two separate tones with a specific frequency in each ear. The frequency range between these two tones creates a third 'binaural tone' in the mind which your brainwaves entrain to. Read More...

Why should I care about my brainwave frequencies?

Your entire state of mind, the way you perceive the world, and everything you experience is based on your brainwave frequencies. By changing these frequencies to the most powerful and effective states, you will become a more empowered individual with extraordinary capabilities.

What are the benefits of using binaural beats?

Because of the fact that everything we experience is dependent on our brainwaves, binaural beats can be used for a wide variety of things. Just a few benefits of using these powerful audios include:

 Mental Clarity


 Stress Reduction

 Altered States of Consciousness

 More Energy

 Sleeping Aid

 Improved Memory

 Metaphysical Experiences


 Personal and Spiritual Development

 Overcoming Depression

 Enhanced Learning

 And So Much More!

You can always find enormous information on binaural beats on the internet and lots of samples on youtube. Simply google it! ;)

Please find below a youtube sample. Please don't forget to use your headphones otherwise it won't work, and close your eyes...

Binaural beat sample on youtube.