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Venus is a nice treat for the new skin of Forward PlayGround. A smooth Swing set with some old school, jazzy, funky stuff. Another combination of all time hits. I hope you enjoy listening to it and bring back your valuable feedbacks.
Colourful combination of nu-disco and soulful house. For easing of the soul and getting away from it all. The mix supports the assertion of personal uniqueness and big ideas. Also suitable to get away into the nature and to be around beauty...
This set is completed in a different manner then the previous sets. It's a fluent mix of different styles so that you don’t get caught up in a single mode. That’s why I put some deep, jazzy, funky, disco tunes together with each peace 3 minutes approx
Caution: Beware of "Un-break my deck"! It is mesmerizing, provocative, seductive, and uncontrollably danceable. In fact you will not be able to stand still when listening to Un-break my deck. Shamelessly put together by Tufan with a complete lack of mercy. Your limbs will disobey you. If you know what I mean.
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Live @ Loft
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Mixed on 7 August 2009
Recorded live at the Loft during a celebration of an engagement. Starting with  some lounge tracks followed by some old house classics with new remixes. This is a one hour portion  selected from a longer run. Hope you enjoy it...

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PM3 - 67.2 mb - 73 m 29 s.


While listening to this purely original groovy mix you'll find yourself on a white-sand beach under the full-moon as the warm wind breezing through your face... then catch yourself in the middle of your wildest dreams... and have a journey with those unforgettable memories of yours while your mind racing peacefully through your dreams and reality in the past, now and then... all of a sudden surprisingly you'll run into well-known tunes along the way like "EBTG-Missing" but the first time ever heard version by Tufan... Tufan Live @Loft will surely kill you softly with his mix...
Bilge Imer

Track List

01 - Afterlife - Speck of gold - Metropol
02 - Dannii Minogue - You won't forget about me - Ultra
03 - Gabin - La maison - Astralwerks
04 - Bliss - Don't look back - Music for Dreams
05 - Amalgamation of Soundz - Alone - Compost
06 - Only Freak - Can't get away - Freerange
07 - Jake Childs feat Ayana Mack - Someone else - HouseTown
08 - Mr Caine & Mr Case - Missing - Audio delicatessen
09 - Kristine W - Feel what you want - Unknown label
10 - Harley & Muscle - Fratelli d'Italia - Little Angel
11 - Da Sunlounge - A life time - Bambino
12 - Orlando Voorn - Love Break - Divine
13 - Lawnchair Generals - When I think - Aroma
14 - Francis Jilla & J Drama - Can we talk - Guess who